Welcome to KROWN NEWS!

Community news, events, and ways to engage with the KROWN community and token

Welcome! Welcome to the first posting of KROWN News, covering news, events and ways to engage with the KROWN community and token. KROWN News is a product of a recently approved KROWN DAC worker proposal. Submit News and engage with the KROWN community in the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group at https://t.me/krowntoken and on Medium at https://medium.com/@krowndac

KROWN X EOS Multi-Fairdrop

Coming to a Wallet Near You. If you owned EOS tokens on May 22, 2019, you’ll likely be getting an airdrop of KROWN tokens in your wallet, starting October 24, 2019. This is the first airdrop as part of the KROWN Multi-Fairdrop. View the schedule of upcoming airdrops here. Want to promote the Multi-Fairdrop? Get the banners here.

Want a Tip?

Have I Got a Tip. The KROWN DAC and Token telegram group recently added the Bloks.io Tipped Tip Bot, thanks to the help from Syed Jafri at EOS Cafe. Tipbot grants KROWN as tips to community members posting content throughout the day. Stop in and say hello and see if you get Tipped. Don’t be afraid to ask for a tip,

Go to Tip bot to see your balance or move tokens.

Retweet This and Get KROWNed

Heading to Vegas. KROWN advocates are going to Las Vegas for Cryptoween! If it’s before the end of World Crypto Con, Ky Primo will bribe you 25 KROWN for retweeting Brock Pierce’s announcement of the EOS Pavilion. Add your EOS wallet to the comments to get your bribe.

Epic Raps

Create! Inspire! Repeat! KROWN has been inspiring content creation and Ky Primo’s KROWN Bribe program was a participant in the first EOS Rap Battle Contest hosted by the EOSIO Dapps Telegram channel, granting 20,000 KROWN toward the prizes. Check out the news and rap submissions on this Steemit post. Find the winners posted here.


Celebrity Sightings

Royalty on the Street. Guess who Ky Primo ran into recently? Add your guesses in the comments and you might get KROWNED!

Creature Sightings

The First Meme in the KROWN Telegram Group was a Cat. Many KROWNed creatures have been prowling around in the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group, their creators earning KROWN tips along the way.

Got KROWN News?

What’s Up? Let me know KROWN News you create or spot in person or on the Interwebs. Find me on Telegram: @LisaChandler

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Max Infeld’s (Extremely Scarce) Holographic KROWN Stickers #decentralizedroyalty #KROWN Krown KROWN Community DAC | Token



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